(C. Bell - K. Medford III)
Genesus Music & Publishing (BMI)


(C. Bell - K. Medford III)
Genesus Music & Publishing (BMI)

You don’t know me nigga you don’t know what I go through
You don’t know the moves I make just the ones I show you
You don’t know the worst of me and you don’t know my history
And you don’t know I'll throw my life away to make you history

You don’t know how alone I feel even in a cypha
And you don’t know how dead I feel but ac like no one's liver
You don’t know how I battle wit demons in my soul
And you don’t know how bad I wanna call the Velt my home

You can’t imagine fathom or comprehend my sadness
And in your wildest dreams you couldn’t quantify my madness
Alas you'll never see the depths of my intellect
And when I’m gone you can sit around and regret

How you neva knew how loyal I was to you
Yeah it's true that I defended you and you neva had a clue
So if you feel a way when this is ringin in ya ears
Just know this shit’s for everyone there's no exception here nigga

I ain't got nobody to ease these dreadful blues (4x)

You don't know my pain you can't even like a page for me
You don't know the range of my rage
It's like a symphony
-Aches and pains from ankles to brain
And all you ever have to say to me is just maintain
I ain't got nobody ta walk this road wit me
Just me and da beat, ventin restores my energy
I tasted defeat, the flavor jus disgusted me
Say naught ta me ride wit me or count ya self an enemy

I told you no exception B don't care if you grew up wit me
Got cats still walkin this earth that are dead ta me
If the purge was real I'd bottle everything I feel
And fire bomb their crib and just go back ta how I live

I ain't got nobody I really trust you see
Friends be round only if they benefit from rockin wit me
Neva seen the shadow wit me suicide panic wit me
They can kiss my ass when I pop they ain't comin wit me

I ain't got nobody to ease these dreadful blues (4x)