When we started this journey in 2010, we saw ourselves as a record label, following the traditional label model, just in a digital world.   Well, a decade later, the old record label model is dead. A more apt descriptor of what we are now is a DIGITAL MUSIC CONTENT PROVIDER

Over the decade our vision of the musical universe has expanded.  We see more opportunity for the music we create and release. We will continue to make music to share with the world across all the available streaming services. We will also now focus on marketing our music for film, television, web and advertising licensing opportunities.

We will work to forge relationships with independent movie makers, game developers, videographers, web content providers etc., to include existing music from our catalog or create custom music for their projects. We want our music to be part of your national ad campaign.  We want to do the soundtrack for your movie.  We want to do the theme song for your show.  

We believe art and money can exist in the same space without either being compromised.  We will do our part to prove that true.