From the recording LIGHT IT UP (2021 REWORK)

Written by: C. Bell - K. Medford III
Produced by: DJ CLB

Background Vocals: RaShaun Eshalomi & Vida Pack


Grind time is fine time for high time we fly high
Get mind right, reach new heights, take big bites of that pie and
We ride so smooth like Sun up till moonlight
Clique close we do tight, in dark streets we the light
Delight like rappers do, fellas and the ladies too
Everybody loves the groove, 1 2 4 5 we make you move
516 what up witchu? Strong Isle do what it do
Stand sideline when we comin' through, not talkin' slick we show and prove
Light the green and pass the brews, mami lemme see you move
You know what it is when we on this booth, we classic like a Charleston chew
So slide wit the crew.
You know how we do
Raisin' stacks, rippin' tracks, you know that's a fact
Rhymin' right, flow is tight, it's all real we don't act
So the world is welcome to rock wit us.
We'll never letchu down that you can trust
All love over here it's real no lust.
Hand over heart in God we trust

Light it up….Pour it up….yeah you know it’s time to turn it up
Light it up….Pour it up….Turn down for what, party til the sun come up
Light it up….Pour it up….We get it poppin', everybody know what’s up
Light it up….Pour it up….Don’t have to ask, everybody know it’s us

Tongue still burning from the first verse
Every beat I touch I put that trick in a hearse I’m prepared for the worse
But we coolin' yeah we coolin'
We see you mean muggin' who you foolin' who you foolin'
You doin' way too much, light a dutch what's the fuss
Plus ladies lookin' right, why you worried bout us?
Bust a move yeah that groove is so potent
The bass bump and her trunk junk’ll make you move won’t it
Fill ya cup up, turn up, everybody’s so loaded
Don’t it feel good, ta party like we should
The burbs to the hood, baby it’s all good ...
So rock wit the team, we livin the dream even if we lack the gleam
The flows worth two fold more than ya BS bling, PS we be ABG
Ken Masters I'm the ACE, yep that be me from Velt City
Come see me in your city
Appreciate you supportin' me


We work hard, we play hard, no brown grass in this yard
We go in, we die hard, keep soft cats on they guard
Not thugs but we real though, right now we in chill mode
My real dogs come in yo, you fake cats stay out though
We drunk and or high yeah, we feelin' the vibe
We feelin' aight, homie this is the life
It's all love over here, keep that BS out there
We deserve this right here after grindin' for years